Robin Waldron is a farm wife and artist living in Sublette, Kansas.  She grew up on a farm in Southwest Kansas and cannot recall a time when the desire to create wasn't within her.  She graduated from Seward County Community College where she took her first art class, which was in painting.

For 35 years Robin was in the floral industry where she used her creative instincts to create displays and items for sale.  After selling her business in 2010, she began to create full-time and with her father's encouragement she returned to painting.  Robin is mostly a self-taught artist and works in a variety of mediums including painting (pastel, oil and acrylic), ceramics, glass, jewelry, wire and welding.

Robin enjoys realism, contemporary and abstract styles and uses all in her work.  She feels that the style is greatly influenced by the subject.  At this time her available work included only originals; not doing prints or duplicates.  This ensures the uniqueness of the piece to your home and surroundings.