"I created my Heirloom Series shortly after getting married.  My first pair of earrings were a set of pearls my great-aunt wore on her wedding day.  I received them from her the week I pierced my ears.  I wore that same pair of pearl earrings at my wedding and my great-aunt decorated my hair with pearls too.  My first heirloom gift from my mother-in-law was a pearl necklace that was her mother's.  I chose to call these my Heirloom Series because pearls are timeless and it is my hope to create a treasured heirloom."

J. Shalene Henley graduated in 2011 with an MFA in Metalsmithing/Jewelry from the University of North  Texas.  There she studied under master metalsmiths Harlan Butt, Ana Lopez and James Thurman. Shalene is presently working on building her own studio and developing her work for exhibitions.  Commissions are welcome!