"My paintings often revolve around human or animal behavior within a landscape setting.  "Capturing the Moment" seems to be my artistic guest.  Living in the Plains has created a perfect backdrop for many of my paintings.  I enjoy plein air painting, but my camera is always handy and many of my paintings are started or completed in the studio.  Exaggerating COLOR with life gives me inner satisfaction.

Due to the spontaneity and unpredictability of watercolor, I find this medium to eloquently capture the movement and mystery of the moment portrayed.  Using a direct approach, I first paint dark pure colors, then slide into middle values, thus saving the lights as white paper.  Laying down intense paint and varying amounts of water on paper create dripping colors diffusions and a beauty that I find in no other medium or method.  Painting on YUPO and combing collage with watercolor are other experimental painting methods enjoyed; however, transparent watercolor on traditional watercolor paper remains my favorite medium of expression."