During this year's fundraiser, Garden City Arts will be hosting a live artist battle!  Artists will have 2 HOURS to complete THEIR ART IN FRONT OF A LIVE audience. The 2 hours will be broken down into 3 rounds with the audience casting votes on their favorite artist each round.  All painting will be auctioned off at the end of the fundraiser with half of the proceeds going to the artist and the remaining half benefiting Garden City Arts.


- To be eligible for the competition artists must be over the age of 21.  Work executed during this event must be wholly designed and executed by the artist. 

- All artists will be provided with a 20" x 24" stretched canvas and a standing easel.  Artists must provide their own tools (brushes, palette knifes, palettes, aprons, etc.) and the medium of their choice.  Due to the event being indoors event no aerosols will be allowed! 

- Garden City Arts reserves the right to distribute and use images of the artist and artwork produced during this event for publicity and marketing purposes. 

- Artists are responsible for insuring their artwork.

- Artists will receive two free ticket to the event and there is no application fee. 


- Complete the form below.

- If you HAVE NOT participated in this event before then you must submit between 5 - 10 digital images of your artwork via email, CD or flash drive.  Please submit images as JPEG format.

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